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How to Create a Virtual Tour of your surroundings

Creating a virtual tour is easy, but it takes a lot of steps. Some out there might not have any idea about virtual tour. A virtual tour is an exact simulation of a location which generally consists of videos, images, and sounds. The virtual tour is also known as the panoramic tour. It almost gives the exact vision of what you will have in the particular place.

The things that are required to make a virtual tour are a camera that is capable of shooting 360-degree panoramas and a website to host and publish the videos. Here are the steps to make a virtual tour.

Rent or Buy a 360-degree camera

The basic thing that you will need to make a virtual tour is a camera that is capable of shooting a 360-degree panoramic video. The panoramic camera is capable of shooting both horizontally and vertically. A tripod is also necessary to get clear footage without shaking.

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The camera has to work remotely

Almost every 360-degree camera can be operated with a mobile phone app or a remote. This is basically to avoid capturing the own image or footage in the video.

Tripod Level and Positioning

It is important to make sure that the camera is perfectly placed at perfect angles. The camera should be in a position which will let it capture the video as widely as possible. When you are placing a tripod make sure that the levels are perfect. If the tripod is not placed perfectly, the video will be tilted.


Turn on your camera

Turing on the camera has two different ways depending on what method you are using. If you are using the remote, you have to switch on the power button and then use the remote. If you are using an app on your smartphone, then you need to connect your phone to your camera through Wi-Fi.

Take panoramic shot

Step out of the frame in which you are shooting. Operate the camera through the remote control or your smartphone. The camera takes the panoramic shots. Follow the exact process and shoot the other areas. It is important to know that you may have to take multiple shots within a few feet.


Transfer the files

Once the shoot is over, the files should be transferred to a computer.   You can either use the chord to connect the camera or a card reader to transfer the files. The transfer might take time. The panoramic shots are heavy files when compared to the normal images and videos that you shoot in a camera.

Creating the tour

There are sites like MakeTV.com that helps you upload your videos and create virtual tours. There is a trial version available. Create an account in MakeTV.com, sign in to the site and upload the images and the videos. Follow the step by step instructions and easily make your own virtual video.

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